From Hardship to Success

The Mennonite community is one of the 10 diverse, friendly English-speaking cultures living in harmony in Belize. Join the 50th anniversary celebration of the Mennonites...

A Wine of a Time

I awoke to the deafening sound of raindrops beating down on my typical Belizean roof of galvanized metal - on any other Saturday morning, this would signal...


On October, 28th 2007, Andy Palacio received the World Music Award (WOMEX) in Seville, Spain. The album titled "WATINA" meaning "I called out,"

Belizean Journeys is an online subscriber-based magazine covering a diverse mix of life and nature in Belize. Through regular articles, photography and multimedia, visitors and locals share the beauty, mystery, adventure and nuances of Belize's tropical forests, caves, islands, underwater world and, over 10 diverse cultures.

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