From Hardship to Success. Celebrating the Menonites 50th Anniversary in Belize Spanish Lookout celebrates 50 years of living, working and contributing to the development of Belize.
A Wine of a Time I awoke to the deafening sound of raindrops beating down on my typical Belizean roof of galvanized metal - on any other Saturday morning, this would signal...
"Called" On October, 28th 2007, Andy Palacio received the World Music Award (WOMEX) in Seville, Spain. The album titled "WATINA" meaning "I called out," was described as "one of the most unusual, intriguing and rewarding musical contributions of 2007." - This prestigious recognition which highlighted the rich cultural diversity of the small Caribbean country of Belize, already gaining popularity as an English speaking, eco- tourism destination on the Caribbean coast of Central America. For this Belizean this journey of international acclaim was long awaited. Every Belizean man, woman and child felt pride in Andyís accomplishment.
Garifuna Settlement Day 2007 Every year on November 19th, the small sea-front town of Dangriga celebrates the first arrival of the Garifuna people to Belize in 1832. Highlighting the festivities is the "Yurumei", an early-morning re-enactment of the Garifuna arriving by boat to the Dangrigan shores.
Belize in Bloom! Excursions into the Belizean countryside in May result in unexpected adventures and Belize in bloom. .
Snappers Gone Wild A Belizean college studentís account of the search for a glimpse of the spectacular snapper spawning on the Belize barrier reef.
Betta Dahn Bittas? (Better than Bitters?) The weekend of March 9th is a long holiday weekend in Belize, honoring Belize's benefactor, Baron Bliss and the venue of the increasingly popular La Ruta Maya - a grueling 4 day cross country canoe race from the western border to the Caribbean Sea. The onset of the flu was about to hamper my participation in the festivities unless I was dared to try an ancient local remedy.
Of Maize and Men When it comes to gastronomy in Belize, there isn't much debate about which Belizean dish ranks the highest on the popularity chart...
An Explosion of Garifuna Culture204 years ago, the Garinagu, a product of African and Amerindian intermarriage, paddled their way to the shores of Belize in wooden canoes. Every year Belizeans remember this event. Join Belizean Journeys as we celebrate the Garifuna culture.
Belize at 25This year, Belize celebrated itís 25th anniversary as an independent nation and the month leading up to September 21st. was marked with a host of, pageantry, ceremony, festivity, contests, parades and displays of patriotism.
Stuck on the SouthThe Chronicle of a cyclist who goes pedaling down the Southern Highway in Belize in an effort to remove a wad of chewing gum stuck to the front wheel of her bike.
Caye Caulker - A Children's CayeTake a tour of Caye Caulker, a favorite child friendly Belizean vacation destination.
Tarpon FeverA fishing guide expresses his excitement for tarpon fishing.
The Scared One and the SeaJoin an adventurer's humorously candid fight to overcome her fear of large bodies of water by repeatedly venturing into interestingly diversified areas of Belizean waters.
Easter in BelizeThe biggest holiday in Belize is marked by family outings, annual events, and the observance of Easter.
The RockA journey on the Hummingbird and Western Highways leads to adventure and discovery in unique places.
Seine Bight: a village of richnessA couple on vacation in Seine Bight observe great wealth in the most unlikely of places.
Tying the KnotA couple celebrates their destination wedding just thirty minutes from home.
Explorations of the UndergroundA research team from the Institute of Archaeology sets out to document a group of uncharted caves near the Sibun River.
A Haircut in CorozalWhile visiting the northern town of Corozal, a young traveler walks into a barbershop only to come out with far more than just a haircut.
The Crocodile Chronicles: From the Ovens of Orange Walk to the High Temple of LamanaiCrocodile seekers on boat tour from Orange Walk Town to the Maya site Lamanai discover that this reptile comes in a variety of forms-some more approachable than others.
The Twelve Days of Christmas in BelizeA photo gallery of the various gifts of Belize accompanied in song by the staff of Naturalight Productions Ltd.
Environmental Art Lands near BenquePoustinia, a park featuring nature, the ancient Maya, and modern artwork poses questions on contemporary society..
Where Jaguars WalkA Doctoral candidate shares his life-changing experience in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.
Drop us at ParadiseA volunteer in Belize lands the ultimate volunteer gig to assist on an underwater photo shoot at Southwater Caye Marine Reserve.
Happy Birthday Belize!The northern town of Orange Walk celebrates Belize's 24th birthday in rhythm and color.
Say it like d' BelizeanA kwik guide to speaking and reading Belize Creole, an English-based Kriol language.
Much to Harp AboutFive Harpy Eagles bred in captivity in Panama have been transplanted in Belize as part of the Belize Harpy Eagle Restoration Program.
Beat the Heat at the Agric ShowJourney to the most popular annual event in Belize which yields a weekend of fun-filled activities for all ages.
The Little Bag of HopeShare a spirit of hope and optimism when a lost little bag is found and returned to the owners.
Boomed on the Belize RiverBasque in the tranquility of a riverside village that celebrates traditional life as it hosts horse racing and La Ruta Maya River Challenge.
Placencia Arts Festival - 2005The longest sidewalk in the world bursts with color at the annual Placencia Arts Festival where artists and crafters from across the country converge to demonstrate their creativity.
Life at the End of the RoadToucan Trail hotels in the Corozal District of Northern Belize may be off the main roads but the journey leads to Mayan sites, forest reserves, seaside villages and interesting people.
All to the Sound of the BrokdongThe two-day Christmas Bram celebration in Gales Point Manatee features Brokdong music and house to house dancing and singing.
Are you here for the Drumming?A family visits the Lebeha Drumming Center of Hopkins Village and is captivated by the rhythms, music and dance of the Garifuna culture.
Lamanai with the Occidental TouristTwo suburbanites travel on the New River of Orange Walk northern Belize to explore the ancient Maya archaeological site of Lamanai, the longest occupied Mayan city in the country.
Authentic Garifuna MusicGarifuna music is a vital part of tradition and cultural preservation in Dangriga, southern Belize.
It's Carnival TimeExperience Carnival - the best free and most anticipated cultural production in Belize!
Toledo The Unforgettable!Toucan Trail Toledo Belize - visit to Punta Gorda Toledo to collect information on small hotels and local flavor.
Inspiring Minds Want to GoA writer finds inspiration on a day trip to Laughingbird Caye National Park.
CavetubingEnjoy some of Belize's natural attractions while cavetubing down the Caves Branch River.
The Best of Orange WalkIndependent travelers to Orange Walk Northern Belize find affordable accommodations and adventure on the Toucan Trail.
A Whale of a "Tail"A whale shark diving and snorkeling trip off the coast of Placencia Southern Belize ends in a close encounter.
Surviving the RainforestThe Belize Rainforest - A 3-Day Trek through the Meso-American Biological Corridor.
The Name is Jade ... Jade HeadThe history of the Belize's jade head from Altun Ha discovery to present-day preservation.
Diving and Dancing DesiresLa Isla Temptation Island offers diving by day and dancing by night.
Looking For Art In All The Right PlacesThe first ever Placencia SidewalkArt Festival featured a variety of artistic styles and media displayed along the sidewalk in Placencia Village Southern Belize.
Can I Get You Something To Drink?The cultural phenomenon of Belizean drinks blends well with the Caribbean mentality of the Belizean people.
Love is in BelizeA simple elegant wedding in the beach of Placencia Village, Southern Belize.
Belize City Happy HourHappy Hour on a Friday Night in Belize City is a fun time to spend with lively entertainment, bocas and friends.
Up Boom CreekAn Adventurer explores Boom Creek by canoe at night while remembering the day's events and cultural encounters.
WanaraguaDia del Rey is the ending of a fortnight of wanaragua -johnkunnu dancing- and is celebrated on the 6th January or the weekend closest to that date.
Los FinadosLos Finados is a Maya-Mestizo tradition still being practiced on November 2 in Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Cayo District, Belize.
Drums of my FatherPeople of Dangriga celebrate the inauguration of the Drums of our Father monument.
Emblem of FreedomThe prestigious queen of the Bay pageant is one of the main highlights of the September celebration.
Journey from the Reef to LobsterAn interesting point of view depicting the catching of the lobster to the preparation of this delectable crustacean.
Mango Season in BelizeSome aspects of the social rituals associated with childhood and mango season in Belize have changed very little since Grandma's days.
Ave BeliceA trip down Mexico Creek in rural Belize turns out fruitful for a boat of birdwatchers.
A Day at the RacesExperience the thrill of the horse races in Burrell Boom, rural Belize District.
I'm a Fruit, Not a NutSample the versatile cashew fruit and the village of Crooked Tree, rural Belize District.
Saturated in LifeGrief in the Garifuna community of Dangriga is a community experience.
The Spirit of La Ruta Maya 2003Much more than a race, the La Ruta Maya River Challenge is a life experience.
Land of the Free by the Caribbean SeaWitness democracy, politics and government in Belize.
Belizean FoodThe Latin flavor of Central America combines with the seasonnings and spices of the Caribbean in Belizean foods.
La Ruta Maya River ChallengeWhat do you call an 180 mile river, a trio over 40, 4 days in March and 1 canoe?
The View from the Sky, A Visit to the Maya Site of CaracolCanaa in the archaeological park of Caracol is Belize's tallest man made building.
Wrong Turns and Side RoadsThe side roads of Northern Belize offer countless opportunities for adventure and exploration.
Twas the Time Around ChristmasCelebrate a traditional Belizean Christmas in Belize.
Christmas in BelizeThe various cultures of Belize have their own Christmas traditions.
Garifuna Cultural SurvivalThe Garifuna, people, culture, music, dance, rituals and quest for survival.
Belize's Daily EscapeExplore Belize through breathtaking and beautiful images from the Maya Mountains to the coral reefs.
Proud and Strong and 21Belizeans celebrate 21 years of independence.
The Voice of the GuideFly fish Belize waters reassured by the voice of fishing and fly fishing tour guides.
Simplicity is a way of LifeShark Ray Alley and island life combine for a tour of island of Caye Caulker Belize.
Placencia LobsterfestCelebrate the opening of the lobster Season in Placencia - Belize.
Got Seaweed?Discover the secrets of the popular Belizean elixir, the seaweed shake.
Glover's Reef: Poseidon's GardenAccompany a marine biologist on a journey to Glover's Reef Atoll Marine Reserve in Southern Belize.
Of A Sunday Morning in DangrigaChildren congregate at Sacred Heart Church in Dangriga, Belize for First Holy Communion.
Belize City Inside OutGet a peak at Belize City's main attractions.
Easter in San IgnacioThe twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, Belize celebrate a traditional Easter.
Troglodyte DelightBelize's caves take you into the past to Maya Rituals artifacts and skeletal remains.
The Best Little Zoo in the WorldThe Belize Zoo educates visitors on the conservation of Belize's endangered animals.
Mangrove ConservationConservationist work to keep the third largest mangrove reserve in Belize, Central America intact.
Help for the Hawksbill TurtleScientist repopulate the endangered species of hawksbill turtle in Belize.
Return of the Call of the WildA team of naturalists conserve the Black Howler Monkeys of the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.
Kayaking the Sibun GorgeA team of courageous adventurers kayak the Sibun River from the Maya Mountains to tropical rainforest and into the unknown.

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