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The Twelve Days of Christmas in Belize:
A photo gallery of the various gifts of Belize accompanied in song by the staff of Naturalight Productions Ltd..
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Happy Birthday Belize:
The streets of Orange Walk Town in northern Belize erupt with vibrant colors and pulsating music celebrating Belize's Independence.
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Kwik Kwik Guide to Creole Pronounciation:
In the Caribbean, a Creole language can be thought of as the offspring of the union of a colonizer's vocabulary base with the grammar of an African language - or a family of African languages. With a kwik guide from the Belize Kriol Council and a little practice, non-native speakers can learn Belize Creole, an English-based Kriol language.
GALLERY:The longest sidewalk in the world bursts with color at the annual Placencia Arts Festival. Artists and crafters from across the country converge to demonstrate their creativity through painting, jewelry, ceramics, furniture, wood and slate carving and basketry and more...
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Garifuna drumming:
The thundering bass of the larger drum is a constant thump, while the smaller drum, known as the primero, provides the more frenzied beat. This video features the skillful hands of a young Garifuna drummer. Please note that the clip was not sped up or altered in any way.
360° VR: This Virtual Tour of Lamanai features artifacts recovered during excavation at the ancient Maya city of Lamanai, Orange Walk in Northern Belize. All pieces are now on permanent display at the Museum of Belize in Belize City.
GALLERY:In “Sugar City”, the Orange Walk Carnival Group is focused on building and maintaining cultural awareness. Judging from the increasing popularity of Orange Walk carnival, the “Latin” flavor of the Mestizo heritage has certainly caught Belize’s attention
GALLERY:Floats and costumes depict the Maya, Mestizo, Garifuna, Chinese, East Indian, Creole and Mennonite cultures; but this educational focus does not take away from the festive Carnival mood. From Santa Rita Hill to Corozal Bay, carnival in Corozal Town is one non-stop jam session.
GALLERY:Drawing on such inspiration as history, culture, and nationalism, Carnival bands raise funds, design and make costumes and mobilize the business community to pull off the best free and most anticipated cultural production in Belize.
GALLERY:Purses in Belize horse races may be small, but the dedication of owners, jockeys, and sponsors is turning horseracing in Belize into an exciting sport.
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The La Ruta Maya River Challenge is an exciting four-day cross-country canoe race from San Ignacio, Cayo to Belize City and takes place on the historic old Belize River
GALLERY:The La Ruta Maya River Challenge is an exciting four-day cross-country canoe race from San Ignacio, Cayo to Belize City and takes place on the historic old Belize River.

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